How should I build my data structure (Non-technical person inside)

Hello all,

I just found out Bubble and immediately started building my application. Thanks to tutorials, I were able to understand the fundamentals easily.

But, I have a question to more seasoned users on how should I structure my data at the beginning.

So, I am building an application where I would like to show users a checklist at the end of their dropdown selections. I am currently reading and watching tutorials on how to build the dropdowns and etc.

The question here, is that how I should structure my dataset for easy usability for my customers and for me to build be app around.

My structure will be like this:

Country :

  • USA

State : ( of course it’ll be dependent to the country list)

  • California
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Washington

City : (same goes here)

  • Paris
  • London
  • San Francisco

Things to do : (This is the checklist area)

  • Visit Empire State
  • Eat a hotdog a Famous
  • Smoked weed with homeless

The question is how should I structure this into my data?

Should I create different db’s (USA_California_SanFrancisco,USA_California_LosAngeles, USA_Washington_WashingtonD.C, and many many more) and let users choose from dropdowns and at the last page show them the checklist where they can interact.

I have also read the tutorial with 3 options for better scaling but not coming from technical background and the tutorials missing examples, I hope you guys will be there to help out.

Thanks very much and happy to be a part of the community.

List of STATES

List of CITIES

List of Things to Do


Given the low volatility of the first three, I might add CITY to the Activity.


Make sure you understand the use of your customer Datatypes as field types in another Datatype.

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Thanks very much! I appreciate the quick response.

Would you mind giving more detail on this section? Are you referring to text, number,image and etc? At the moment, I believe all of them will be text.

There is a tutorial on this. As well as Text, Number etc, you will also see (scroll down a bit) your OTHER Datatypes in here.

Take USER for example. You can create a field with a type of USER. Which means it then contains all the fields on USER as well.

Instead of saying “Make THIS field aaaaaaaaa we are saying make THIS field THAT record on the Uer Table”.

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I might be doing something wrong here even though I built the parent-child relationship with my db.

Data :

Dropdown Select Activity :

Upon clicking the dropdown, it’s not triggering the other dropdown to be selected accordingly.

Choosing USA doesn’t bring SF, New York and Washington. It does bring all of them to be selected.

Hi @NigelG,

can you share the link to the tutorial you mentioned? is it on the bubble youtube page?

It’s on the main tutorial page.

Thank you! I did not see the link to the tutorial but I will keep looking