Best/Easiest Way to Clear Dev Database?

Is there a simple way to clear out the development database? I’m testing my app and need to wipe my garbage test data periodically. I first did it manually (multi-select the visible rows to delete for each Thing in the db etc) and it took forever. The only other idea I had was to write a recursive backend workflow to delete all entries in each Thing via the Bulk operation. That seems excessively time intensive too though. Anyone else have this issue?

Hi there, @jdubbya… I’ve dealt with that issue in every app I’ve worked on, and although it may not be the most elegant solution, I usually just throw a button somewhere on a page that I can click to clear all of the data types by deleting lists of things with no constraints on the searches. That being said, I don’t usually have a lot of data to delete, so I’ve never had any issues with that approach.

As I was writing the above, another thought (and probably not a good one) did come to mind, though. Is your app live? If it isn’t, you could consider deploying it, and then a super easy way to clear the development database would be to copy the database from live to development. Since there is nothing in the live database, the operation would get rid of everything in development in one shot.

Anyway, maybe those aren’t the best ideas, and if that’s the case, I hope folks come along with other suggestions. In the meantime, just food for thought.



That is a creative way of doing it Mike.

Bold! :+1:t2:


love these ideas, i haven’t launched yet so that second one could be fastest right now. thank you!

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Ok - tried the copying the Live to Dev and that worked well but since it’s not a good long-term fix I also did your “button fix” (in the dev environment only) kicking off a backend w/f to delete all things. Thanks for the suggestions again! The workflow wasn’t too onerous to do and now I’m all set (for this piece anyways LOL)

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My pleasure, @jdubbya… happy to hear you’re all set on this one!