Best External backend of Bubble

I am developing a marketplace with Bubble, and the data must be stored in Europe. It is a business constraint.
What backend can I use, I only know @Xano. would you have any advice?

Hi @princenocode :wave:
Some useful discussion about external databases
Worth a look

Thanks a lot :pray:

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I have a hard time to understand the rationale this requirement.

What do you want to prevent yourself from by locating data in EU?

The product I develop must be RGPD compliant. And the data that we will have to use is quite sensitive and it is an important aspect of our business.

RGPD compliancy does not require data hosting in EU.

This is an important element of our communication and we process data close to the medical field.

From a communication perspective, it is understandable, however keep it mind it won’t pass the GDPR compliancy requirements.

Moreover and given the data type you are processing, you have to know Xano is a US legal entity, therefore falling right under the Patriot Act which allows under certains conditions data access by some US government services (the ones with the big ears).
In this scenario it will fail compliancy as well, unless the data can be encrypted/decrypted by a EU legal entity with encryption keys owned stored by a EU legal entity also.

If you can find a backend operated by a EU legal entity, that would already cover most of the cases.

Thank a lot for these explanations :pray:
I will consider them and find a European alternative

Hi @princenocode
I may suggest to have a look at Ryax (, an open-source and low-code solution to build backends that scale, based in France.

Thanks I’ll take a look :thinking:

Hello, maybe a bit late,
but we have developed nocode backend solutions that can use MongDB as a database for Bubble (via the API connector).
MongoDB does not need to be hosted in the cloud, and although some of our customers use MongoDB Atlas instances, our solution can be installed alongside MongoDB on dedicated servers that you manage. We can discuss it if you want. Our website ( is being redesigned but the product is fully functional. Feel free to leave us a message…


@princenocode, maybe is an option to use as a backend. You can actually use it to build frontends and backends using only the Python programming language (which is quite easy to learn). It can be hosted in their cloud (London), another cloud (AWS etc.) or your own.

We are using it as a backend (various api’s, background jobs and database) for a project now, so if you want to see it just send me a PM.

Best Regards,

Gerbert de Langen
MOG Consultancy B.V.

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