Best High Scale Email Marketing Software for Bubble

Hey Bubblers,
Got a quick question about an Email Marketing software that is for high scale emails sending on Bubble.

I would just use transactional email, but I’d rather use a platform specifically for email marketing. Mailchimp seems like a better option if you have fewer contacts, but as the contact count goes up the price goes along with it.

I was looking at Mailjet, which bills depending on the number of emails I would send, I think that’d be a better option. I’m not exactly sure how to integrate that with Bubble, so when I have a user that signs up it’ll add them into my Mailjet account. I’m also just keeping an open mind about the different types of software out there.

Let me know your thoughts!

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Been doing some more research and I came upon Pricing Plans | Brevo, which is pretty affordable, and there is a plugin for Bubble.


I’m using EmailOctopus. Great service and no issues this far.

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If it’s email marketing specifically, I’d recommend Easy to use API and a great featureset on the free tier.

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Any tips on how to set up PUT? using the mailerlite API?
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Adding to this thread with some new tools I found that work great: