CRM and Email Marketing

Hi guys,

MVP is live and there is a small but growing number of users. Now I am trying to work out the best way to nurture and manage those relationships.

Any comments or suggestions on which CRM and/or email marketing works well with Bubble and tips on how to connect my user database to the CRM (automatically add new users, etc.).

This is an area that I find super interesting as it appears to me to be at the intersection of Bubble (technical setup), business processes and best practices (growth hacking) and third party providers (vast number of tools out there). Keen to hear your thoughts and experiences.



Did you come up with any answers?

I used HubSpot together with Bubble and connected through Zapier. New user would trigger zapier to create new contact in HubSpot.

It worked well, not sure if there’s something that would be a more direct integration though.

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Mailchimp is pretty good for collecting emails - you can collect them in one workflow action. Then you can segment users, and then create & send individual email campaigns all on mailchimp.


I am currently using the Mailchimp plugin to automatically add new users’ email addresses to a mailing list and automating a welcoming message, etc. I am also using Crisp as a Customer Service chat box, they are good at identifying the user and showing historical info. Other than that I haven’t set up any comprehensive CRM, I guess you could say that I am at that stage where ‘I am doing things that don’t scale’ (I still have a manageable user base and I’m following up on things manually), been prioritising other customer facing things that are more likely to move the needle. Any recommendations still welcomed :slight_smile:

Hi Seth,

I installed the Zapier plugin, but how do you tell bubble to send a zap every time a new user signs up? I’d like to do what you did but send email addresses to a Google sheet.

Appreciate the advice


You use what’s called a webhook. In Zapier, create a new Zap and select webhook and it will essentially give you an API endpoint that you can then use in your Bubble workflow to send data to (through the API Connector). It’s pretty easy. There should be a couple of posts in the forum that talk about sending info through Zapier.

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