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Best plugin for scheduling appointments?

Hey guys. I’ve been working on something as well. It is a combo of an attempt to clone Google Calendar and Calendly in one template.

I posted a while back about the future release demonstrating the Calendar functions HERE

I’ve since gotten through making the Calendly portion and hope to have it submitted to the marketplace by the end of the week.

This scheduling portion has many of the functions of Calendly but not all.

Users can create as many events as they want. The can create multiple schedules and apply a schedule to an event. They can also create a custom schedule for a particular event.

Additionally users can create ‘Alternative Schedules’ for each schedule or custom schedule for an event…this is for those instances when a user wants to change their normal availability to take into consideration personal holidays or days they just need to alter their availability hours.

Users can also create multiple time ranges for a particular day. An example would be the user wants to be available on Mondays from 9AM to 12PM and then 2PM to 5PM.

When creating schedules it is super simple to copy over times from one day to others.

Here are a couple of videos demonstrating the creation of a schedule as well as an event being scheduled.

The video demonstrating an event being scheduled shows two events being scheduled back to back. The first demonstrates the ability for the event creator to designate a buffer before and after an event and those settings being reflected in the list of available time slots for that day.

make schedule

There are also the functions for the event organizer to view their scheduled events in two different areas of the app…the first would be on the Calendar and the second is demonstrated below (kind of hard to see using the gif)


Scheduled Events

Template is fully responsive on all devices and orientations.

A few bonus features such as Date Range Calendar for making Bookings and Time Picker.

Could also customize to allow events to be created to allow more than one attendee for freelancers who are holding classes as events.

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I will be your first customer! Really looking for a template with this functionality. Drop me a line when the template is live and ready for purchase. :raised_hands:t2:

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Hi @pennygum

The template has finally been released onto the marketplace.

You can find it HERE


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Thank you for letting me know!

Does this template handle timezone differences?

Yes. When a user who creates their schedule receives a booking from a user in another time zone both users receive emails confirming the date and time in their respective timezone.

Users who are in a different timezone than the schedule creator will view the available time slots in their relative time zone. So a user who creates a schedule who is in Indochina timezone, is booked by a user in EST time zone (12 hour difference) the schedule creator who listed Monday 10AM availability will be displayed as Sunday 10PM to the user booking a meeting from EST time zone.

Hello :slight_smile:

Do you have an estimate om when the plugin will be released?

Kind regards,

Won’t be a plugin but a template that I am hoping to make it ‘copyable’ to other apps so could be used like a plugin but more flexible because you can fully edit it.

The template should be ready in a week-ish


Any status? Would like a preveiw :slight_smile:

Haven’t worked on it to much lately, and I’ve been coming up with wayyy too many use cases that made me realize there is no ‘one size fits all’ scheduler like I wanted to do. Hoping to have something soon with good details on what it is ideal for (and then gauge interest if people want other features)

Hey Wolfer,

I am currently working on a booking platform for flexible spaces and would like to integrate your pluggin to our booking option.

Any idea of when this will be released?

Thanks in advance

If you are looking for a ready, working template you should check out my template that really works well for scheduling and booking.

It can be integrated into existing applications and has pretty much all the features of Calendly, so works well for any scheduler need.

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