Calendar Availability and Bookings

I am building a marketplace app and need the ability for sellers to set availability… and the buyers to freely schedule within that availability.

Not looking for a “slots” based booking, but more of a true booking based on open availability.

Any suggestions of plugins that do this already or how to build this into my app?

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Yes! Let’s chat over DM but my plugin would be perfect for this use case!

** we don’t have to chat over DM. It’s just avoids flooding the forum is all

As a side note, I offer free setup help and a two week trial offer to make sure you find the plugin helpful and not a waste of mi ey so the first two weeks are free!!

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That’s Awesome! Yea I don’t mind discussing in open forum since I’m sure many would benefit. Also looking for multiple options to compare.

I looked through your docs. Looks good. Can you let me know cost and if there are any speed concerns? Feel free to DM if you prefer though.

@boston85719 would be a good one to chat to as he has some great templates

One of those paired with @jared.gibb’s plugin and you’d be totally set.

Can vouch for both as I personally use them - quality of work, professionalism and great support.


Thanks for the reference. Can you post a live app/site example?

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My app is behind a paywall so not really :slight_smile:

But works the same as their demos :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

Our companies focus on this scope for a long time.
We already help lots of marketplace businesses build their built-in schedulers for the lead generation for their clients, our service can even serve built-in video meetings for all scheduled conversations directly in your business.

Earlier this month, we launched a plugin that helps you taste it: Wondercall (P2P Video & Audio Call) Plugin | Bubble

If you want to check how it can work with your platform, feel free to take this site as an example: Cofacts is one of the most famous fact-checking websites in Asia, and they are using our service to schedule all media coverage meetings. (Just click the button on the right-bottom corner of the landing page and you will see our service)

Feel free to check our product website here:
We can discuss more in DM if you don’t want to expose too much information of the business before it’s ready.

We are here and happy to help you build wonderful booking and meeting experiences :grimacing:

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Hi @NoCodeNinja

You could check out either of my existing templates that have scheduling functions much like Calendly.

Either can be integrated into existing projects, although integration can be time consuming, it is definitely a lot less time than required to build out all of the elements, workflows etc. from scratch.

I have a new template to be released soon that does all of the scheduling, but is a full blown freelancer marketplace with blog, messaging and some other features. This template also incorporates a rebooking, cancellation and rescheduling features, plus payment integration with Stripe, Google Calendar and Zoom integrations as well.

I’ve finished the testing on the new template, but have not yet submitted to marketplace. Once it is available on the marketplace I’ll be posting a showcase post.


Thanks for the plug

My calendar plug-in more of a scheduler suite. It has a full calendar for option so that you have a calendar similar to Google. Display events and engage in crud actions with them too. You can also display your calendar events by resource and even in a timeline view too!

There’s a Timeslot and Generator they can produce time slots or a recurring events on a minute late, hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. You can create time slots to do things like book resources.

There’s an element that outputs time ranges to use with the element mentioned above

There’s an element that can take the availability of two resources and find matching availabilities and produce a single list of outdated deeds that would be in availability for both parties.

There’s a standalone calendar date picker that also functions as an event identifier. In essence you can see it at a list of events and then instead of showing the events on the calendar a dot appears under the date. You could then click the day and get the entire days events out put it into a listen to a repeating group or some other form of display.

The plug-in also includes the Google calendar oauth sign in/sign up plus all of the Google calendar api calls you need to sync your calendars via bubble actions!


No shortage of options so here are 2 more!

TopCal plugin:
Example of it in action
Documentation videos with Public Editor access & copy-able elements

Top Calendar: A Calendly-like template


That is Awesome! Yea I wouldn’t fret talking about in open discussion since I’m certain many would profit. Likewise searching for different choices to think about.

I glanced through your docs. Looks great. Would you be able to tell me cost and in case there are any speed concerns? Feel free to DM in the event that you like however.


Which of us are you responding to?

If any of the demos below look interesting or you think that this might fit you or use case, I’d be happy to let you try it out for a couple weeks for free and help you set it up. I’m offering anybody who buys this plug-in free help setting up right now because I don’t have the best examples however I’m working on that. So feel free to check out the ones below and let me know if it sounds like something that would fit your needs

I’m working up a template site at the moment. It is designed to demo the plug-in functionality in it’s entirety but there’s a lot the plugin suite does. So, in short, it’s not complete yet but will be available for free when completed.

Current in progress version
Editor for this ^^^^ page

Or these two also demonstrate some of the functionality
Demo functionality 1
Demo functionality editor 1

Demo functionality 2
Demo functionality editor 2

Costs can be seen on the Bubble pages for the Plugin and template at the links below:

You can test out the Template as much as you would like which should give you an idea about the speed. Overall it is pretty performant but exact speed will depend on how you end up customizing it. You can DM me if you have any specific questions

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