[Showcase] auto generate time slots for bookings

So I’ve been playing around with the Timeslot concept and this is my proof of concept.

Frist, you set your availability for each day (Note you can only set one set of time for each day)
the days warp month to month.

Then your Timeslots are displayed to your customers for Bookings


  • Sign up with your email and password
  • Then add your times for each day
    and your done



Very cool. I’ve been looking for something like this


I was looking for something like this. Is there anyway that you could send me the template please? That would be very helpful!

@ItsJustBusiness This is cool.
Could you share the Data structure. I have a similar module but struggling to find the right way to save each timeslots for each days for every single user.
Many thanks

Hello @ItsJustBusiness,

would you be willing to answer a few questions regarding this functionality? I’d greatly appreciate it.

Hey @ItsJustBusiness, would you be open to making this available to share as a template? Been struggling with setting availabilities and this is exactly what I’m looking for!

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Can do @kkhalili.

Give me a couple of day to tide things up and update the app as I haven’t opened it for a while.

What features are you after exactly??
If you let me know I can focus on refining these features.


Awesome, we’re trying to set ours up almost the same as what you’ve got: choose a date -> show a list of available slots for that date -> after booking a slot remove it from the list of available times. We’re essentially trying to allow users to schedule 1:1 meetings with each other, where they’ll eventually hop on a video call at the time selected.

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Hi @ItsJustBusiness I have been struggling with this problem too, I can also use this just like it is for automatically setting available slots for meetings. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @ItsJustBusiness

Was wondering if you’d managed to open up this as a template? Would be really keen to understand what data structure you used here, as I’m trying to set up something similar at the moment.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


I would also love to see the back end. Thanks!

Hey guys sorry for the delay on releasing a template for this, just got working on it been a busy couple of weeks. Hope everyone is safe, I’m currently just optimising the workflows for better loading speeds and rebuilding how data is store and pulled should have something up hopefully in the next 14 days at most.

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Waiting for you Brother

I opened this editor up for another bubble user recently. It has the ability to automatically add time slots to store in the D.B. and for setting up availability.

Its not polished as a template, but anybody willing to pick something apart to learn how it works and then put it back together again on their own is welcome to take a look through.

Make sure to pay attention to the element tree to see everything that is on the page…you’ll really need to spend some time to work it out.

There is also a thread on custom calendars which is where I got most of this stuff

@kkhalili @darius @calicass83


Hi ItsJustBusiness,

Do you have any news on releasing a template for that? It would be so helpful!!


Shouldn’t be to long, I’ve rebuilt it from the ground up not to much left just need to write up some documents to easily explain how it works. In the meantime here some screenshots :grin:


Looks amazing. I’ve been looking for something like that for a sport complex: I want people to be able to book a tennis court, a football pitch, an hour at the gym… So what you’re building could be very helpful!!

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This looks amazing! Any ETA on the documentation regarding how to build something like this?



Hi Jonathon, This looks great! Sorry to be one of many constantly asking but would you have a rough idea on when you will be releasing the template?