Best practice for IA ranking

Hi :slight_smile:

I would like to know what’s the best practice in your opinion about database organization for theses two cases :

  • Get user to complete a test with multiple questions to determine his profile (eg. do you like Apple, do you prefer plane or boat) and sort a repeating group to find users with the closest personality

  • Then (if possible according to you?) let users rate each other compatibility after meeting to train/ajust this first ranking for next users

I realize second case is probably not possible, at least without manual adjustment, I’m open to alternatives ideas :slight_smile:
Practices for first case would already be very helpful!

Thanks for your time,
With love :heart:

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Hi @vnihoul77 !
Tomorrow I’m announcing a new plugin that serves as a recommendation system, essentially you set some interaction between users and subjects or other users or categories and the plugin will use AI to analyze the patterns, then you just ask for recommendations.

And there you have it your ranked repeating group based on “the closest personality”.

I’m just waiting for Bubble’s approval in order to publish the plugin but I’ll be sure to let you know when it gets published :slight_smile:

Nice Bubbling :smiley:

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Wow, seems perfect for my case! Didn’t expect a perfect solution so fast aha.

I’ll wait to see your plugin and I’m excited to see how it work.
How you made it? Is it based on an external AI / coded by yourself (in what language) / using the bubble plugin creator features only?

Also, will it be a paid plug-in?

Sorry if the question seems stupid or obvious :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I was surprised for the perfect problem you’ve presented as well :sweat_smile:

I’ve coded it myself using Node.Js and Firebase, the nice thing is that because it’s my own backend you won’t have to register and pay for an external service, I’ll be charging only for the plugin and adding no limits to the API usage.

It uses only the API connector in Bubble’s plugin, the rest is all done in Node.Js.

Also, it’s a type of AI based on the Graph Theory used a lot in social networks.

Yes it will be a payed plugin but cheap, (revealing the price tomorrow only) and I offer a free trial :wink:

I hope to bring good news tomorrow!

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@joao1997domingues Interesting link, thanks for explaination.

Keep me updated

Hi ! The plugin is now published!
Check [NEW PLUGIN] - RAPI - Easy AI for you app without an external monthly fee