Best practice, Groups and Conditionals?

Hey there, looking for best practice advice:

What’s better in terms of performance…groups wrapping multiple elements and one condition or keeping elements by themselves with a condition on each element?


There will be no answer for your question.

  1. One Condition = ? what condition? toggle show/hide?
  2. what kind of element u mentioned? Repeating Group? Text?

No 1 can answer your question based on info given

Thank you for your reply.

  1. One condition such as show/hide
  2. Inputs, texts, and Repeating Groups


Hey @thedew

As much as possible, you need to minimize the usage of groups and conditions as they add to your overall app’s speed and performance.

If you can get away with wrapping elements in one group and use one condition for that group to either show or hide, then do it.

For Repeating Groups, I suggest you use styles for the elements. The book “The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Performance” by Peter of AmlieSolutions would greatly help you learn more about this topic.


Thank you for your help.

I just purchased the book and will check it out.


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