Designing Groups and Conditional Elements

Good afternoon all,
I’m a Bubble newbie so please be gentle!
I’ve read that if I’m considering converting the Web App to a Native App, I shouldn’t use separate pages for navigation like you would a website and instead should use custom states to show and hide groups that contain text/images and data. Firstly is that correct?
Secondly, how do you go about designing this in the editor?
From my basic Login and Sign Up pages:

This works really well in the Preview, but now when I try to edit them in Design view I see this:

(I created the 2 groups on separate pages and dropped them on top of each other)
This seems like it should be really easy to do but I’ve just poured over the forum and Google searches for 3 hours without a solution!

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  1. Yes
  2. Consider reviewing info on how custom states and conditionality works for visibility of elements
  3. Study templates for mobile available in the templates marketplace. Getting a template for learning purposes is another way to learn Bubble. Objectively speaking take this suggestion with a grain of salt. You will be learning techniques of how the template author chose to do things. Bubble is a visual programming language and in programming there are various ways to accomplish the same thing with different implications of course.

Below, good resources in YouTube for point #2

Awesome, thank you very much, @cmarchan I’ll have a look and a great tip to have a look at the templates, with your accompanying caveat :smiley: