Conditional on Repeating Group not working

Im trying to build a chat app. Im using a very simple database (mensagem) with only 2 columns. Im trying to conditionally hide a text element that shows one of the columns , tried every type of filter but it´s not working , the text won´t hide.
Im new to bubble, have looked for a solution with no avail.
How can I hide some messages based on a collumn value? What am I doing wrong?

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After adding condition you have to select visibility property named (this element is visible).
Lets say you want to show on page load and hide on specific condition then in condition tab simply unchecked this element is visible checkbox.

Hi @lucianopacheco ,

Best practices for setting visibility conditions are:

  1. Ensure that the “visibility” option under “Layout” is unchecked for “This element is visible on page load”.
  2. Use conditions to check if the text “is not empty”, and then set the visibility accordingly (as shown in the image).

Following these best practices will ensure that the visibility of the element is correctly controlled by the conditions, and that it appears or disappears based on the criteria set.

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