Best practice on using API workflows without scheduling?

I’m slowly converting all of my important workflows into API actions to work in conjunction with a native app I’m writing.

My question is simple: how do I activate an API immediately, instead of the only option I do see (Schedule API Workflow). I had played with that option a few months back and it seemed flaky/inconsistent as far as the action actually firing.

So is Schedule API Workflow with a scheduled date of “Current date/time” the correct way to do this or is there an alternative?

You are correct.

Has anyone else had trouble getting this to work? I spent some time this week trying to get this working again. Even with a simple “send an email” workflow through this method or even “Current Date/Time + 2 minutes” it never sends.

@josh4, using current date/time should work. I use it all the time on API workflow.

Have you setup the SendGrid API in the Email in your settings? If so, did you give the API the ability to send emails in the API settings at Sendgrid?

Have you tried to setup something simple like on click of a button > send email to ensure that you’re able to send before doing something more complex?

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That’s probably the culprit!

Aside: Handing email and other notifications off to an API Workflow is definitely the way to go. Keeps the user from having to wait for the blue bar… and in my testing, the email and SMS (I use ClickSend) arrive just as quickly (actually slightly sooner!) than when sent in the workflow. Go figure!