Schedule Api Workflow for Postmark API

Hello everyone, please help. i have successfully initiated a postmark api call and got a 200 response. i’m struggling to schedule this api call to run at a specific time in future, i don’t know if i’m missing a step.

The Api call is also available as a plugin in the workflow

This is how im doing it in the backend workflow:

and this is how i will be scheduling the workflow in the front end

when i check on logs> Scheduler and switch to live database, theres nothing scheduled. please assist.

If you schedule the API workflow for current time it gets scheduled right away and of course by the time you can check the logs it’s already executed and it’s not displayed in the future tasks any more.
If you want to schedule it for a later date just set that date on the field “schedule date”.

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and this is how i will be scheduling the workflow in the front end


You’re scheduling it to run immediately - not in the future!..

When are you intending for it to run?

Hi i have changed it to +5 hours but still no luck.

What do you mean no luck? Is it not running?

Yes its still not running.

Do you mean that after triggering the workflow in preview mode, if you go in the editor to logs → schedules → click show you don’t see the workflow scheduled?

Hi @dorilama , yes i still dont see it after doing what you mentioned, it could be i have missed something.

Have you got any conditional on the workflow that prevents the execution?
If you don’t see in the scheduler it should be because you didn’t schedule it.