Form speed and creation

Hello everyone,

Seeking some help on what is the most efficient way to create a form to be filled in.

For work we handle a lot of paper based forms, as such i have been tasked with creating a tool to allow employees to dynamically create the forms and then for them to be populated.

I am not from a programming background or database, so have been working things out on my own so far. I am stuck on the way the form is generated/answered though for a user.

Example: the head of department has created a bespoke form with 50 questions to be asked and answered, these are a combination of drop down lists, images etc.

When an employee comes to answer these, what is the best approach to use for the database?
My first thoughts were to create the 50 questions once the employee clicks a “start form” button. This though is time consuming as from what i can tell, bubble sometimes generates 49 questions or 48 without any reason. (I am using a back end workflow).

I then thought about the idea of having say 10 temporary things already in place with the questions (just all answers are blank), then when a user clicks “start form” i will allocate one of the temp lines to the user. This then speeds things up as the questions don’t ned to be created. Once finished and the user submits the order i would then use a workflow to create another temporary blank line.

Not sure if these are the best ways to do this, i have searched around but not found the “ideal” approach to creating these on the fly or been able to update straight away with very little downtime. (Thinking things like microsoft forms or google forms must have the same approach)

Really would appreciate any help

Thank you

@Nieve my approach would be the less click the better. So, one page with inputs, dropdowns and buttons. And if answers repeat prepopulate answers from previous time employee has filled it. You can use the url to pass the unique id of that specific users last submit. Then do a search on: in intial content on the inputs to start.

This will save time to the employees.

@Clasicwebtools thanks for the reply.

Think i might have confused things here. It is more the optimal way to generate the questions to be answered. The 50 questions will always be the same for that form, we will just need to answer them daily, this could be the same person or someone different. The form is a one pager and simply lists the questions, input, drop down etc.

I was under the impression for speed i would need to create the 50 questions in advance for speed (by this i mean create in my answers table all 50 questions with a field for the answer), this way i can enable autobinding and to also generate the form instantly.

Thinking about this, another approach would be maybe to just load the form questions and have a workflow to create a new thing each time an answer is created/modified?

Again apologies, kind of feeling my way around the optimal approach

@Nieve yes, have a page that list in a repeating group all the times answered. And from there a button that creates a new thing for you questions database.

In that workflow it creates, redirects you to form and passes the data type of new form specific. There you can’t have autobindjng because there is no data on this specific.

So I suggest to duplicate the datatype of the previous time you have submitted the form so you save time having a prefilled form instead of empty.

Having autobinding is the way to go. Also in the page that list all the questions you can edit old form submission, delete them or even have a way to export them to csv.