Best Practices for Quick Loading RG's with 10+ things

Anytime we’re loading 10+ things in a Repeating Group (RG) our site feels quite slow. We do a lot to try to hide load times of RGs since they’re often the main culprit. We do a lot to keep the search conditions simple (e.g., avoid nested searches, for example) and try to go with a 1-page model where appropriate (so we can load RG data before the user sees it so it feels fast once it’s requested).

What other approaches have you seen work well? Anyone using Are people passing in data from their own databases with better performance? …any other ways Bubblers are pushing the performance boundaries of RGs?


Sometimes we use API connector to connect to Bubble database and when we initialize the call we “ignore” the unnecessary fields and that makes the loading faster. But the effect can be seen only when there are many fields and some fields have large pieces of data in them.
Hope this helps

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Hey Levon can you explain this a little more in particular “ignore” and what it looks like to do what your saying.

Is the resting group of the type “specified api calls” and data “get data from api”