Slow loading a repeating group with data from an API call

I tested a my app (on the free Bubble plan), which loads a repeating group with data of about 10 entries from an API call, and I noticed that it took quite long to load (say about 1 or 2 seconds). It’s not unusable, but I’m just wondering if it is competitive, in terms of UX, with all the other custom-built applications out there in the marketplace, especially as more and more users start to use the app.

Does the speed get better with the paid version? Also, is the bottleneck on the Bubble side or on the API side? I got fairly immediate responses using Postman, so I suspect that it is Bubble that takes time to load the repeating group.

Has anyone else faced similar problems? Any pro-tips for how to speed things up?

Thanks. Incidentally, I just re-checked the loading speed, and it’s lightning fast! I’m quite relieved.