Best practices managing paid seats?

Hi there, need some advice on managing apps. I am looking to build an app, but afraid of “lock-in” with a template. Essentially I foresee:

  • Building an app with some template as a starting point. Putting it in production with my domain.
  • Seeing growing pains with the design of the template / app, decide to start new with a new app and framework / template, etc.
  • I’d need to move the data over, turn off the paid features for one app, and turn on paid features for the new app, point the domain to the new app, etc.

This seems…tricky. I already got burned once by buying “professional” bubble twice. Are the best practices for managing these inevitable changes in roadmap / architecture?


I don’t have a good answer for you but I would also love to see a feature where we can add templates to existing apps. I’m not sure if the infrastructure is set up to make the change easily, but it would sure be convenient to be able to add template “pages” and not lock in to template “apps”

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yeah. this is starting to feel like wordpress mess (at least you can switch out templates there!)

You can already do this - you just copy from the template and paste in to your app :woman_shrugging:

@drfalken whether you start from scratch or start from a template, it’s all editable so you can change/grow as you go along :slight_smile:

A lot of people use templates where you can’t do that fyi. (I hate it tbh, but… they are popular.)

Which ones? As far as I’m aware it’s literally not possible to not be able to edit a bubble app.

Some of the canvas apps I think

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