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How to change template in existing app?

Is it possible to change the template I’m using in an existing paid app? I’d rather not create a new app because it was a pain to setup the domain and email settings in this one. Based on old forum responses I’m guessing the answer is no but I’m hoping updates have been made in this regard over the past couple of years


What do you mean with changing a template exactly?

I originally created the app from a landing page template. Now I’d like to switch to a different template

Not possible conventionally speaking…

Possible if you do it piece by piece (dB, logic, UI in their different “pieces”)… manually creating them or when possible copying/pasting

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Ah damn that’s annoying. So basically I have to start a new app from scratch if I want to use a different template right? But if I do that then I’ll be paying twice in one month! Is there any way around that?

You mean pay for two apps?

I would change the old to a free plan and create a new one for the new template

Yes I’ll change the old one to a free plan but since I created it 3 days ago I’ve already been charged. So if I create a new one tomorrow I’ll be charged again. See what I’m saying? I’ll be charged twice this month

Yes, but it’s prorated. Don’t worry about it.

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I’m sorry but I don’t understand. Can you elaborate?

Please check it from below stripe page.

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