Template and referenced app management

Hi all, here some points to share about how template and apps work together, it took me a bit to understand:

  • when you create a new template based on a new app, bubble create a new template and a new app (I call this the templateApp)
  • you can change template name but not the “raw” templateApp name referenced by the template
  • if you delete the templateApp the template based on the templateApp is not working anymore
  • you cannot create a template starting from an app based on a template
  • you can copy the templateApp e create a new template on the copied templateApp
  • if you create a template based on an existing “normal” app, the app is tranformed in a templateAPP
  • a templateAPP can be trasformed in a hobby/personal app… but I am not sure on the effect on the template based on that ex-templateAPP…

Hope it could help somebody out there


Are you referring to templates you purchased or templates that you created yourself and are now using for your own purposes?

Think of templates like a cookie cutter.

  • You use the cookie cutter to cut out a new “app” formed in the likeness of the template.
  • You can’t use a cookie cutter to make another cookie cutter. (Only cookies!). Ie. no making a copy of a template).
  • When you make changes to the cookie cutter, those don’t trickle down to a cookie you’ve already cut out.

Thanks dan1, your analogy makes it clearer.
Yes, I am referring to templates created for personal use, not about purchased templates.


I’m impressed by your analogy Dan :smiley:

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I agree that it would be nice to be able to make a new template off of a templates built by yourself. (Been a long time since I did that…think I just ended up manually copying with workflows most of the app :frowning: ).

I believe the block is there for good reason - so Person B can’t purchase Person A’s template and then list it for sale as their own. It’d be nice if the restriction didn’t apply to your created templates; just those created by others. (There may be another reason, but my guess is that the feature isn’t very nuanced yet).

thanks for this discussion

me and Bubble support tried to replicate this but each time we received warning that it’s not possible to create a template from that app because the app is derived from another template.
Can you please share how were you able to do this and bypass Bubble’s protection?
This would help a lot

@adycarlo bump :slight_smile: would be nice to learn the way you could copy the template and republish it also as a template :slight_smile:

Hi levon, sorry for the time to answer you

The “process” like this if I remember well the test I made:

  • you have a template, so you have the templateApp in the list of your app
  • you copy and than change the templateApp to “normal” app (hobby eg)
  • you create a new template based on the new “normal” app and so you have a new template and new templateAPP

Not very scientific but it should work


Ciao Andrea,
thanks a lot, never tried it that way, i only tried creating an app based on the template, then copying that app and then creating a new template based on that copied app. That scenario is protected which is good.

Please help me with that…

I apparently work 2 weeks on my website. ( i have my own domain)
and it seems that when I click on it go to the same templates that I I deleted!

apparently, i started with free template.
Delete all

Build my own.

And it still there… please help me out here I can’t find of to delete it…