Best practices when creating mobile app with bubble

Hi everyone, I’m working on creating my first bubble app with the idea to convert it to IOS and android app once it’s ready using BDK as an MVP.

So I’m learning that the best practice when creating a bubble app for mobile is to make it a single-page app. My question is how strict should I follow this recommendation?

The app in question is a content app (think netflix) so if all the movie pages (99% of all pages within the app) were a single page while pages like profile, login, plan, and admin were separate individual pages would that be fine from functionality and performance perspective?

Would really appreciate any feedback on my question.:slight_smile:

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Must be a spa if you want to wrap it to the stores :+1:t2:

What you can do is make your dB and UI as light as possible. Choose your key functions and grow from there on.

Stack your content groups vertically so that you can manage what is seen as you expect it to show.

Take a look at mobile templates in the Bubble store and learn how others approached their builds. This with a grain of salt as everyone has their own programming style.

Thanks for the response @cmarchan

Two questions

What does spa mean?

The vertical stacking with show hide makes sense but I’m going to run into issues if a couple pages in the app are not built in that manner but rather as individual pages?

Spa - single page app

Vertical stacking - If you set the content groups to collapse when hidden you will be ok within the page. Do not worry if in your editor the height of the page goes into the tens of thousands of pixels. Bubble will only show the one you want. Best practice is to set them all to be invisible on page load, and make them visible as the user interacts with the app.

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I am affraid that you are not right. With the BDK you can make multipage apps and wrap it to the native and place it on stores: Does it support single page or multi page apps | BDK

In this scenario I think it will be much easier and better to build it on multipage.


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So glad there is a way to do it. BDK is a reliable developer so these are great news! Thanks for pointing that out! @kamil.tarczynski

Very glad to be wrong! :grinning: