Best practices for mobile app implementation?

Hi all, I’m just learning more about Bubble and working on a prototype. Wondering if there’s a “best practices” for implementing mobile apps on Bubble? Not so much design, but general implementation suggestions.

Like for instance, should it be just 1 page, with mostly Popups? Or Floating Groups? that get triggered on various States. A slide-in Hamburger menu, menu sliders, error messages, login, etc.

Not yet being very familiar with each Container type, I just dont know and would rather not go down one rabbit hole if others with more experience have already determined a better way (design/performance/etc) with how to best do them within Bubble.

Thank you!

Hi @mac1,

The two main implementations in terms of structuring your Bubble app as a mobile app are single-page and multi-page. There are advantages and drawbacks to both.

Single-page will make your app “feel” faster since your app only has to load one webpage. A drawback to this method is that if you have a very complex application, having tons and tons of nested Bubble elements on one page can potentially slow down your development cycles.

Multi-page is easier to build with, as it’s just like building a normal Bubble app that is optimized for mobile. However, you could run into loading issues moving from screen-to-screen if you don’t have a great solution for that.

Check out our native app builder at Codeless Academy. Our solution is built to handle both implementations incredibly well, and we just added native loading transitions/animations this week. Our native transitions are so seamless, some people might not even believe it’s built on Bubble :shushing_face:

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Nate, your product looks awesome. I tried to test the features on your site, but it takes me to FlightTest on my iphone and then wants an invite code. Not sure if i’m doing something wrong.

And your qoins app looks awesome and you have amazing traction there. Is Qoins no longer on Bubble?

And then to work with your product, are there guidelines on how to best implement those features in Bubble so that they get converted properly using Codeless?


Hi @mac1! Thanks! So far, people have really enjoyed our features :grin:

Correct, after you download Testflight on your iPhone, you’ll need to click the link again. That will open TestFlight and allow you to download the app. If for some reason that isn’t working, send me a PM with your email address and I’ll get you added.

As far as guidelines to implementing the features, check out our documentation. We cover how to use each feature, and best practices for implementing them in your Bubble app.

As far as Qoins, we actually are still using Bubble, just only for our backend/API.