Build a website and native app best practices?

Hello !

I’m new to Bubble and I need some help to understand the best practice to build a website and native app with Bubble.

So if I start by creating a new app for my website with multiple pages and after I want to create a native app :

  • Do I need to create another app in bubble to develop my native app, if yes how can I work with the same database than my website ?
  • or do I need to create a new page in the same app than my website, and configure it as native app page ?

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You can go down either route depending on what works for you. You also need to distinguish between a web app and mobile app. I find the best starting point for an app that will be used across all formats is to build at around 1200px wide, but make sure it is responsive down to 360px wide. below 600px, menus should be mobile friendly and content should stack vertically.

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Thanks for your answer, what I want to do it’s to build a website and a native app that will be more different than website to be easier to use. Not a native app based on a website.
I think it’s a best practice, no ?
If I want to achieve this, do I need to create to create to apps or I can create a new page in my website for the native app developpment ?


Yes you can certainly have a separate native version of a page that is just for mobile, however you need to build your site in a more complex 1 page manor with hidden groups.

My Advice would be to get the website up an running first, 1 version will come across the line much quicker than 2, then you can always create the mobile app, half the work will be done and you will have learnt a lot along the way.

Yes, thanks.
I see tips about nativeapp then I click on the option on my page, that suggest to just have one page for this kind of app.
I asked myself if we had to create 2 apps or if I could do it in the same, now I have my answer.
Have you ever done that?