Best product analytics tool that works well with bubble?

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a product analytics tool that’s easy to implement and works well with bubble. The app I’m working on is mainly used through the app stores (ios and google play) and just started to get some users however the problem is that I have no visibility on how the users are using the app.

Do anyone have any recommendations? Would appreciate any recommendations or experience shared.

Thank you for taking the time to help

Search the forum.

Many options, Google Analytics is very common.
Very easy to implement in Bubble (free and commercial plugins available)

Pixel (facebook) another option

There are plenty of alternatives - depends what you are after, privacy? spending budget? :slight_smile:

Full disclosure - I make a GA4 plugin.

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Thanks for the feedback and I’ll check out the links (heap and mixpanel looks interesting). Searched the forum but failed to find something that talks about what tools works well across the board with good privacy options.

Hi @josefinsundblom,

We just developed Lemonflow Analytics. It allows you to track users events from your Bubble app. You can them see in real-time how they interact on your website.

As we are in early access, Lemonflow is totally free.
Regarding privacy issues, our data is never sold or shared with marketing companies and all data is encrypted and stored in Europe on secure servers.

If you want to give a try, let me know :slight_smile:
Plugin Link : Lemonflow Analytics Plugin | Bubble

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