Best software for user onboarding?

Anyone have any software suggestions for user onboarding? So this would ideally include onboarding checklists, strategic onboarding emails based on user behavior, product tours, etc.

This could totally be built on Bubble, but I think it’d be easier just using another tool already built for this.


Following up on this thread:

I’m seeing Intercom and as potential options.

Since I’m running a youth-led nonprofit and budget is a huge factor, I’m looking into rather than Intercom since we have a help desk/ticketing software with Help Scout already.

However, really only does engagement via email, SMS, push, etc. intercom seems to offer more, but I didn’t book a demo with them.

Onboarding checklists, etc I think I’ll just have to take the hard way (but not really) and build it myself. is amazing!

We just published a plugin for integration. Looking for feedback and what API requests you want to be added to the plugin. Intergration Plugin | Bubble

For help installing this plugin or Bubble help in general, reach out via Bubble Coaching | New Horizon Code

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