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Customer Lifecycle Emails - Bubble vs vs. Other

We’re wondering whether we should create and manage lifecycle emails (e.g., welcome series of emails, re-engagement emails, etc.) in Bubble vs. use a third party like and wanted to see what other members of the community would recommend.

Any particular pro’s / con’s of building this in Bubble instead of using a 3rd party that’s designed for this specific task?


After some quick research, this seems to be the trade-off:


  • Small additional cost (via extra workflow runs)
  • No need to build extra infrastructure
  • Limited built-in ability to run daily, hourly, or shorter checks for whether conditions are met or similar

  • Starts at $100/Mo. and goes up from there
  • Can use analytics data and database data to trigger emails (e.g., visited homepage 3 times but didn’t sign up) whereas within Bubble you’re limited to database data
  • Easy split tests (viable in Bubble, but not as easy)
  • Single Dashboard
  • Required Initial Set-up / Integration
  • Easy ways to test/validate send logic set-up as desired
  • Integrated tracking saves time and also makes it easier to select winners and run new experiments
  • Can push changes (canceled emails, new emails, new tests) live anytime, instead of needing to wait until a convenient time to release entire product (since Bubble doesn’t yet support branching)

Please let me know if you think I may be missing anything.