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Need help with ERD Diagram


We are looking to develop an ERD diagram to display it to our database reviewers and get their remarks. Unfortunately most of the plugins and APIs we tried are either not good enough or don’t provide accurate relationships between data types.

Which plugins/API services would you guys recommend for automatic ERD generation?

Looking forward to any help we can get.

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This thread is interesting What I hope to See in Bubble - #2 by melon regards ERD generation. It’s an interesting problem. I’ve tried mermaid and others. What I find is that generally a few tables eg 10-15 the tools do a reasonable job. When you get to 50+ table autogenerated diagrams are a mess.

Here’s the thing … Bubble is not a traditional relational database.

Sure, it has relations (which are not relationships!!), and it looks like it should be, but there are several areas that it is not - like the “object” style linking rather than using Foreign keys. And there are no Primary Keys beyond the UUID.

You don’t want Foreign Keys at all :slight_smile:

Best way, IMHO, is to do it yourself with a drawing tool.


Thank you for sharing this. Will definitely take a look.