Best video hosting service for tiktok clone

I am building a tiktok like video streaming app for food ordering ( open mobile for best experience). I am trying to figure out what the best way of hosting the videos are. It is important that videos load quickly and in good enough resolution. Currently I am using ziggeo, but the service is rather costly and also I was not able to figure out how to adjust the stream quality…
Has anyone experience with similar projects. I am mainly looking for identifying the best option (ie. bubble AWS storage vs. Ziggeo vs. Vimeo etc.)

Have a look at They have a lot of nice features for that


Hi there, just checking in as I was looking for the same thing. Were you able to find something for this?

I think vimeo would be a goo way, but have not implemented it yet. I ended up just storing the videos on the bubble database. I also used List Shifter Karma-Ware Plugin | Bubble to „buffer“ the videos. Nit a very scalable solution however.

RIght thanks. Correct me if I am wrong but vimeo does not allow recording externally. Much like youtube? I was looking for something that will let me record and upload instantly. Looking into Publit (as suggested by @Jici) and Cloudinary.

Ziggeo is the only one i have tried so far then.

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MUX could be another option for you


Mux looks good. Noticed you have a plugin for that. Must give it a try.