What's the best place for video hosting?

If you want to make a teachable or thinkific clone, you have to host videos. I’ve heard you can do it with Azure, but what’s the best place that’s scaleable to host videos like these sites?

Plenty of options for video hosting depending on your needs and budget, Azure being one of them, but a few other main ones to consider:

Amazon AWS

Personally I’ve use Vimeo for several of our eLearning platforms, and have no complaints. The prices are reasonable, and integrations are simple and flexible using their API and SDK (there are also plugins available).

There are also some Ziggeo plugins on the marketplace.

Which is the Cheapest that’s scales?

It’s impossible to say without knowing all the variables (number of monthly uploads, transcoding requirements, storage requirements, views etc.).

Some of the self-serve options (like AWS and Azure) appear cheaper (you only pay for what you use) but can actually end up being more expensive beyond a certain point (not to mention way more complex to set up).

Really, you need to know your numbers (i.e. number of uploads per month, total storage, bandwidth required, data transfers etc.) and then compare the various options.

It will vary depending on your use case, but Vimeo works out the most cost-effective for us (currently).

You can also consider publitio

I agree with @adamhholmes . This really depend of what you plan to do with your app

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