Best way to create a dynamic cashflow

Hello there!

Just wondering, I have a thing called “payments” each payment has a date, and an amount

How would you make a dynamic table for a dashboard, that for each month, displays every payment, and the total amount of every payment?

And how would you make it dynamic?

Please share ideas on how you would do this!

Thx community!

Hi @martin2, check this out and see if it gets you in the right direction:

Hello there!

I have succesfully done a “payments” creator and a notice system (both api worflows, one scheduled in future!, both thanks to you!)

As a finish to the project, I would need to make a repeating group, as callendar, displayin payments due for each month. How would you approach to that?

And finally, I want to attach each payment created via workflow, to the specific contract. How can I do that? (add list of created payments to another type of “thing”)?

Thanks girl! I owe you one! :slight_smile:

Awesome! I’m glad your payment creator is on its way!

Not sure I understand your question regarding a calendar. You want to display the created payments in a calendar on the day they’re due? If so, then you’ll want to install the Full Calendar plugin, set the type of events to Payment and the source to whichever list of Payments is appropriate for the user to see. The source could be a search for Payments with constraint or, based on your next question, could be a Contract’s List of Payments.

So to attach each payment to a Contract through the API workflow, you’ll need to send the Contract as a parameter as well so that you can have an action that follows “Create a New Payment” for “Make a Change to Contract” (where Contract is your Contract parameter value).

The change would be to a list field (under Contract) you can call “List of Payments”. This list would add the result of the previous step (the new Payment that was just created). Every time a payment is created, it gets added to the Contract.

So… Schedule API Workflow on a List (to create payments) with a parameter for Contract > API Workflow will trigger: 1. Create a New Payment and 2. Make a Change to Contract.

As an extra way to link your payments to contracts, I would also have a field (type Contract) under Payment to reference back to the Contract per Payment…

Create New Payment > Make a Change to Contract > Make a Change to Payment, where the payment is result of step 1 and the change is to save the Contract to this new field.

Make sense?

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Thanks for your answer as always!

First, regarding the calendar,

THX great approach! But I would neet to have the only monthly view, let’s say the upcoming 12 months from the current date. And for each month, doing a search for every payment added to a “total monthly payments” I dont really need the calendar by day, it’s more like a cashflow. I did checked the calendar plugin, but the only possible view is for the daily thing.

that’s why I sas thinkging about a repeating group, where each columnn is an upcoming month, and for each column doing a search for every payment. Is this approach bad? or I could get the same having a different calendar view?

About associating a policy with payments,
I currently add a field to each payment saying to what (policy=contract) it’s for…


And the current workflow

Now, What I would like to know is, how to add the list of payments, to the policy itself. In case I need to delete those payments, and remake a payment plan.

How can I automatically add the list of payments created by the API workflow to another type of thing? (the “poliza”?)

In the endpoint, I only can modify things of the paramets of the API, not a poliza

and in the workflow from the button “create payment plan”

I can’t add the list of payments result from step 1 to the policy

@romanmg Hello there! don’t forget about me whenever you have few min to point me in the right direction!
sorry for being pushy, I can’t find much about this kind of things!

thx already! :wink:

Hey, Martin! Sorry, I didn’t catch your earlier response (If I’m not tagged, I often miss them :slight_smile: )

You should be able to create that kind of monthly view with a repeating group, yes. Each cell would reference “current date/time +(months): current cell’s index”. So the first cell would be next month (this month + 1), the 2nd cell would be 2 months from now (this month + 2), etc.

For adding the payments to the policy, you’re almost there. In the API Endpoint, you want to make a change to “id_poliza_venci_api” - you actually have the action circled in the 2nd to last screenshot.

The field to change is “plan_pagos_poliza” so that it reads plan_pagos_poliza add result of step 1

Every time a payment is created, it will be added to the policy’s list of payments. It happens one at a time as the API workflow is run for every payment, not as a batch.

So just remember when you use the “Schedule an API Workflow on a List” that you send the value of the policy to that parameter (id_poliza_venci_api).

As a suggestion, you should also have a Poliza field under the Cuotas_Poliza type to reference the policy in the other direction. So when you create a new Cuota_Poliza (step 1 in the API), you can have that field Poliza = id_poliza_venci_apo as well. That way you have 2 way reference… Every payment references the policy, and every policy references a list of payments.

Hope this makes sense!

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Hello there! thanks for yout answer!

Let me know later if you do have any formal instruction course, we will be hiring someone in a month that will be in charge of bubble! :slight_smile:

About my last question, just trying to go thru the monthly payments cashflow, I got this problem. NO “current cell’s index”

Hello there! @romanmg! I’ve been tryin to move forward on this.

The solution you planted, it’s ok but it’s not what I really need! Because I don’t need to list months in a repeating group of something else.

I need that the repeating group, to be each month itself.

I need it for each cell to represent a different month of the year in the future.

Like, now I would need them to be January, February, March… and on… So, I think, I could perform searches for every “payment due on: current cell month”

And have automatically displayed among the year, all the payments to come for each month!

Is this possible? or I’m asking too much of it maybe?

Sorry for being pushy but I can’t find anywhere documentation o where to get it! Just paste a link if there is!

Thanks already girl! :slight_smile:

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