Generate Cash Flow Projections in Bubble app

Hi everyone!

I just joined Bubble and after going through a couple of hours of training i feel i can venture into my first app.
I need the help of the community though to understand an important functionality.
Here goes:
I want to input an event with a recurring nature and then be able to generate all individual events stemming from it, in order to be able to do calculations and charting.

Setting up a data type “Obligation” with fields “Amount” , “Frequency” (1-monthly, 2-every six months, 3-annually), “StartOfObligation” (should denote the first date ahead for the obligation), “HowmanyTimesObligationRepeats” (number)

Based on this input i would like to input multiple obligations with different details and then

  1. create a report that goes up to 12 months ahead and give for every month the total obligations due
  2. create a corresponding chart

Is there a way to do this in Bubble, and if yes, can you provide some guidance / reference?



Hello and welcome to Bubble.

I would avoid the temptation to create a “thing” for every obligation, and have a template instead to represent the pattern. So pretty much as you have done.

Then you can have a repeating group that shows the 12 obligations, and calculate their dates. That is obviously the trickier bit.

Thanks Nigel.

Can you provide some guidance on how i could set up such a template?

If I used an SQL db, i guess i would maintain an events table and i would generate all 12 obligations as entries within the table. But is there a way to do this without linking the Bubble app to an SQL db?

Yes, you could do. Although you might still be better off storing the pattern rather than the individual entries.

To create the multiple entries you would “Schedule an API Workflow on a List”. And that list would be the 12 dates you want to create entries for.

So you need to create a list of the next dates somewhere, and then run an API Workflow on it to create the entries.

The issue is that Bubble doesn’t do “loops” - so you can say “Do this until you get to the end date”.

People have tried to create workflows that look like loops, but they are pretty fragile.

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