Best way to create dummy data?

I’m creating CSV files to store data about my users, and automate my testing.

I have several CSV files, one per thing:

  1. User
  2. Person
  3. Sport Profile
  4. Membership

Each if these things have references to another thing. For example, User has a ‘Peron’ field, Person has a List of Memberships.

What’s the best way to have my DB create these things using a Bulk upload, and then insert the references to the other things?


Wow, this looks great.

How would you go about addressing the issue where I want to relate ‘Things’… Should I create a reference/ID for the purpose of linking them - which won’t be used beyond this initial upload process?

That could work and then run a workflow to make changes in Bulk to the data to get the actual relationship between the data types.