Best way to hide past times and set 15 minute meetings


Here is my basic calendar set up. The goal is for Date/Time Picker B to be limited to only having future times available (15 minutes after time select in Date/Time Picker A) and no others. So if user selects 5:00 in Date/Time Selector A. Then, the only hour available/visible in Date/Time Picker B is 5:15 (15 minutes after selected start time). I would also like the Date in Date/Time Picker B to be limited to Date/Time Picker A’s selection. Have been unsuccessful with min/max date/hour as well as setting conditionals.

Best method?

Screen Shot 2023-03-29 at 5.45.15 PM


I believe this should do the trick. Will set date/timepicker B’s only option to be date/timepicker A’s time +15 minutes

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