What is the best approach to learning bubble?

Hello my lovely friends,
First of all, thank you to bubble for being what they are. I am using bubble from past few weeks but since than bubble seems to take my most of the time.

I will be grateful if you can suggest the best ways to master bubble.


Hello @adminravi welcome to the forum!

how is the thinkitbuildit course compared to the free airdev bootcamp? I already completed the bootcamp and was wondering if I should still do the thinkitbuildit course or if they just cover the same information…


One other alternative is to build different mini apps. You could also opt to study how a Bubble template of your choosing works or even attempt to build it on your own first and then go in and compare how the original author did it.

Try to divide your time adequately between UI-building skills and function-building skills.

The above routes may yield learning outcomes complementary to taking courses.:wink:

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