Best way to set this up

Hey everyone,

So I’m building the ‘privacy policy’ and ‘about us’ sections of my site.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to make them both on the same page, but when someone clicks ‘about us’ on the index page, it takes them to the page and shows the ‘about us,’ but when they press ‘privacy policy,’ it takes them to the same page and shows them the ‘privacy policy.’

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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For sure!

You can accomplish this a few different ways but the easiest will probably be using a url parameter and conditionals

Place two groups on the page. In the exact same place. And make them both not visible on page load

On group 1 place a conditional like

If this pages urls parameter grp is tos

Set the element to be visible

And on group 2
If this pages parameter grp is privacy

Set the element to be visible

Have two buttons on the screen

Each button should have a wf action “go to page”
Have it go to the same page it’s on
Have it send the relevant page parameter value

  • grp=(either tos or privacy)

And add a workflow action
On page load if this pages url grp parameter is empty

  • go to page
    — same page but send page parameters to show your choice of group
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