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I have created an app mainly for mobile. I have taken the approach of having a single page and turning on/off groups instead of different pages… My question is this… Is there a way to trigger a workflow, so that in the interface I can have a menu which is used as pages, ie. it will trigger a workflow which gets them to their initial group (page) versus having to run directly off the initial index page… I am using a wrapper that has a side menu and I would like to take advantage of that to get them directly to a particular grouping… ? In the wrapper menu, I would have to put different url’s for the different tabs… So if I could somehow trigger a workflow through the url such as display this group and hide the others, then it would work perfect…

I really hope I understand what you’re going for, but here we go…

I do this through passing URL parameters. Basically treat each group as a “page”, and treat the URL’s parameter as the URL for that page.

For example, I have 3 pages (groups):

  1. Page A
  2. Page B
  3. Page C

Step 1: Create link URLs w/ parameters.
Page A link =
Page B link =
Page C link =

Step 2: Create visibility rules for groups based on page parameter.
(I’ll just do this one for Page A)
In the conditional tab for Group A, toggle the visibility based on “get data from page URL”:

  • When “get data from page URL” (Type = Parameter, Parameter name = view, Type = Text) is “PageA”
    – This group is visible
  • When “get data from page URL” (Type = Parameter, Parameter name = view, Type = Text) is NOT “PageA”
    – This group is NOT visible

Do this for all your groups and it should work as a multi page-style navigation system, but on one page.

Again, I hope i understood what you were asking!


That is exactly what I want; however, I do not understand how to do step 1…

It should be as simple as tacking on the parameter (?view=PageA) to the end of the URL.

Say all the groups on your page are on and you want to “navigate” to Page A (which is really just a group). You would literally just create a link with as the URL.

The “get data from page URL” check mentioned above will see the “?view=PageA” and will display the group accordingly.

Can’t figure out how to do the – This group is NOT visible part?

See this image :+1:


I like this. Thanks for sharing. Gives me some i was in a slightly different context.

ahhhhhhhhh! Thanks.

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Here is the problem… everything works great except the one main starting group which is marked to load on page load… I need this to remain marked that way so when the app comes up initially before any tab (link) is pushed, this first group appears… But when I then mark with the ?view=main as you show above, the initial group still shows up when I click another one of the links such as ?view=opp. So how do I let the main group come up automatically on load but then not come up when I click one of the other tabs?


As seen here, the front page group should not be shown if I use the view=crypto parameter; however, it needs to be shown on page load before any of these links have been selected. I am trying not to be confusing, put simply…

If (main group should display)
if (main group should display)
if (main group should not display)

For the Front Page Group, neither of those two conditions you have is true when the page loads since there are no parameters in the URL.

Instead of: “Get view from page URL is ‘x’”
Try this: “Get view from page URL is empty/is not empty”

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Yes I agree with you

Beautiful! Works! Thank you!

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