2 Different Domains, 1 Shared Database

Would love for this to be possible – the Bubble App Connector works well in many ways, but has limitations.

For example, I’m trying to put a conditional workflow into My “App 2” based on whether “App 1”'s Thing’s Thing is empty or not. This is not an option or possible with the App Connector.

Another limitation is if I want to pull image metadata for a page in my “App 2” from a Thing’s Thing in “App 1”, it won’t let me. I would have to basically create a new record in my database in “App 2”.

If there was any way we could just have 2 different domains share a database, that should fix this.


I agree.

Could you use the API Connector to make App 1 be an app with a database, setup to also have an API available, then have App 2 be an app without a database but connects through APIs to App 1?