Connecting two bubbleapps

I am trying to connect two Bubbleapps where My website (app a) shares user database with (app b) where you use app A’s account to login to app B.
any suggestions on how to do this thanks.

Hi @Tslimshady99, you can do this using Bubble’s plugin called “Bubble App Connector.” From there you can connect the two applications together using API calls. If you need any help with this let me know :smile:

I was able to figure it out, just wanted to know if there was a better way to send passwords when signing up

Encrypt the data while passing to the bubble.
And use the same function to decrypt on bubble and store into your bubble database.
For your reference :

If you’re sending user data between apps, it might be best to use the App Connector and OAuth in order to do logins and authentication. Not sure if it fits your use case, but there is some info in the Bubble reference.