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Beta Testers Wanted! TopCal Availability and Time Slot Plugin

I’ve been working hard on a plugin to help Bubblers build scheduling functionality similar to Calendly’s and I am happy to announce that the plugin is ready for some testing :tada:

TopCal is a plugin that lets you easily set Availability in any time zone and use availability settings and booked times to return a list of available time slots.

It helps you setup weekly patterns, specific date/time ranges and blocked dates.
The plugin also process the Availability items listed above and cross references it against any Booked times (as bubble date ranges) to return an accurate list of Time Slots that are available.

To get an idea of what it does:
Click here to see the plugin in action

UPDATE: to view the plugin in an Editor click here

I am currently looking for some BETA testers to use the plugin in an app to provide feedback or report any bugs. The Beta is free to participate in, but the plugin will be a paid plugin when it is released. As a part of the Beta you will have access to the plugin early and if I can I will provide a discount on the plugin for you (haven’t sold a plugin before through Bubble so not sure if there is discounting options)

As a part of the Beta I will need active feedback on the plugin, such as what makes sense and what doesn’t so that it can be more accessible for future users. Custom development within the plugin to fit your exact needs may not be possible, but if there are common needs new features will be considered.

The Beta will be limited to a handful of apps to keep numbers manageable for me and hopefully will be wrapped up quickly - so bonus points if you are ready to jump into trying it out asap.

To apply for access DM me though the forum with:

APP Name/id:
Your Use Case (please keep it brief):

Plus any relevant info I can’t think of at the moment :sweat_smile:

If you have questions please post them in here as it is likely someone else will also have similar questions, thanks!


Hey, one question before any DM: is your plugin available in languages other than English? English is not a problem for me, but for my users it could be… Thanks for your feedback!

Let’s do it! I’d love to try thisnout

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I’m interested

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There aren’t any ‘customer facing’ components, just the logic to make it consistently work. The calendar UI and inputs in that example can be any design and type that you want, so I think it would work fine. Would be a good use case for this Beta!

For more context, the plugin code figures out which days are Sundays/Mondays etc for availability based on the lists you feed it, and other than that you can display Dates in any formatting just like regular bubble data.:

On second thought I did include a List of Dates in the plugin to build that Calendar in a repeating group and it defaults to a Sunday start. I am not too familiar with other language calendars, but would this be a Monday start somewhere else maybe?

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Indeed, in France we’re used to have weeks starting on Monday. Just another question, your plugin permits to blocks days, can it also blocks date ranges?

For the date list to make the calendar, might be able to give that option soon, if not you can just use another Calendar for now and feed it the availability from the plugin.

For ranges, yes with an asterisk.

As you can see from the screenshot above you can feed any list of date ranges into the Blocked Dates section, so however you want to save and feed this list is up to you!

*The plugin is kind of a system more so than just a plugin, mostly to help with Time Zone issues, so there is a ‘creator’ element and a ‘display’ element. The creator one helps you save Bubble Date Ranges (or patterns) in the proper time zone, which is currently done 1 date at a time per element you place on the page. You could use multiple of these elements to create multiple blocked dates (range of blocked dates). However I am guessing you want a more seamless experience, so we may change that element to accept a list of dates that you then save

Also just thinking now about Blocked Dates, and although the plugin takes Blocked Ranges there some confusing wording as it really expects each Range to be a 24 hour period (one day), so a block a week off would actually be 7 date ranges, which depending on how you use this data with external services could be helpful or maybe overkill for most use cases here.

We’ve got some smart logic in there though where we may just take Bubble Date Times, and in the plugin figure out the 24 hour period in the correct time zone to make sure that entire day is blocked. Need to think about this one

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:fire: Great work @gf_wolfer

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Thanks @gf_wolfer

Let’s go for a try!

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Thanks everyone for applying! We are still accepting a couple of spots so if you are interested DM me.

We are setting up an Editor that can be publicly viewed where you can see how it works to better know if it fits your use case and to hopefully make implementing the plugin into your app easier. So we will get everyone into the Beta when that is ready tomorrow

PS @Christophe_HK the plugin’s Calendar Dates will have an option to start on a Monday or Sunday and we’ve made an update that allows for Multiple Dates to be blocked more easily which has been updated in the demo link above

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Added a Read Only Editor access to view what the Plugin actually does - topshelf-elements | Bubble Editor

Added ability to can generate time slots in any interval, such as every five minutes, and for any booking length (30min, an hour, etc)

Also thanks to everyone for the feedback so far, we have released the Plugin to the wild! :raised_hands:

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Still in beta? I’d like to test it out

Hey there, the Beta is closed and the full plugin is now released :metal:

The link to the plugin is above, and to get more information on it and see if it would fit your needs you can view this page and videos: TopCal Plugin

If after that you think you still need to test it out to know of it will work shoot me a DM and I can give you a short trial period of it :call_me_hand:

Can vouch for this plugin and the solid work @gf_wolfer puts out!

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