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Better database dashboard?

I would like a better database dashboard than Bubble’s built-in “App data” tab.

I can’t find one via Google…

…anyone know of one?

We use Metabase

Thanks @jacob.b.singer !

Let me clarify a bit…I was hoping to find a solution/tool that automatically understands my Bubble data model (like the built-in “App data” dashboard" without needing to really configure anything beyond pointing the tool to my Bubble app.

How much setup did you have to do with Metabase?

A fair bit of setup - basically had to setup a separate SQL database that I write to from the Bubble app.

Yes, I looked for the same thing and it didn’t exist when I was starting about 18 months ago.

I don’t really know why Bubble doesn’t expose the SQL version of the database that our apps areb based on, if they did then it would be easy to connect Tableau or Metabase or anyone to it…

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You can try the Excel-like Table plugin by Bubble. I think it is is simple to drop on the page and easy to setup. It basically makes it look like the bubble database but you can edit each field in the table. It should be an easy setup. Would that work for you? Not sure what ‘better’ means in this instance. Anyways, hope that helps. :blush:

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