Business Metrics Dashboards?

Hi all,

I need help. I want to create relatively straightforward, spreadsheet based dashboards based on my bubble DB. I don’t want to insert workflow steps every time an items changes; this does not need to update in real time. Rather, I want to be able to pull reports every week to review the health and state of my business.

As such, I was assuming there would be an easy way to automatically export my bubble db to some external database, and then connect that to either Excel/google Sheets, or maybe even tableau, to be able to simply build dashboards.

I can’t seem to find any forum posts on how people have solved this — I don’t want to make a dashboard page inside of bubble, I just want to export my data and use another tool to review it.

Any ideas?


I would submit that the effort involved in doing that might be proportionate to what it would take to do it inside of Bubble.

To export, this may be involved:

  • Building flows to send the data out every time something happens that triggers this
  • If it were a spreadsheet or Airtableish solution it will run against limitations of entries for that tool (Google Sheets 5M cells, or Airtable’s 50k rows).
  • With either one you would have to configure charting (Google Data Studio or AT blocks if I am not mistaken)

While with Bubble you could get a sophisticated plugin such as @Thimo Apex Chart which is super user friendly. Worst case scenario someone could assist you to do this even if it is on a paid basis like a Bubble coach.

You would have the power and ease of Bubble to implement the necessary steps to develop your KPIs as needed.

Just a thought :+1:t2:

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Thanks cmarchan - I hear you.

Just comparing this to my experience working at a big tech company, the flow was:

  • Data stored in an AWS DB
  • Weekly SQL query runs and exports results to csv
  • CSV files save to a defined filepath, in a spreadsheet that is pre-formatted to handle it.

I’m fairly certain this is a very common workflow for dealing with business metrics. Tableau’s entire business is based on something like this. It’s pretty surprising to me that Bubble doesn’t have an easy analogy to this.

I’ve looked at the Chart plugins, but I’m actually not as interested in charts as I am in tables.

Big tech runs on legacy systems (example: Microsoft runs on SAP)

Makes it much more difficult to build KPIs in their systems.

Tables in Bubble? Take your pick … ready plugins, configurable repeating groups :grinning:

Best of luck with your setup :+1:t2:

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All of this could be done with bubble. I can handle all of your data, there’s plug-ins that will produce your CS peas and save them for you as well when you’re using a backend work flow so this can be automated even

That said, it still might not be the right platform for what you’re looking for

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Hey Jared - thank you! Well our app is fully live with customers, so I need to find the best possible solution given that :slight_smile:

If you have a plugin suggestion that can handle that, I’d appreciate it!