Better Uploader [UPDATED 2023] ☁️

Hi Jonah,
thank you for the plug in, i’m having an issue with the deleting from selected. when clicking on the x other images get deleted, not the one above the x.
i tried to use the plug in page to test and it happened the same, anything you can suggest?

Hey Marco,

thanks for reaching out. It’s a known issue that I still need to resolve. I haven’t had the time to fix this bug yet. I will update the forum the moment this issue is fixed.

Thank you!

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oh thank you!
apologies, i tried to read as much as possible in this thread, but there’s so much and i must have missed it.
will wait for the solution, thank you!

Thank you for your patience. I will probably create a new post marked [UPDATED 2024] once the new bug fixes and planned features have been implemented.


Hi everyone!
Does anyone know if we can compress pictures before uploading them with Better Uploader?

Hi Jonah,

Great work on this uploader. I am running into a situation where I uploaded a MOV file on Chrome, and the HTML5 video player cannot read (preview) the file. But when I uploaded the exact same file with Safari, the file was read without a problem. Could you shed some light on what the issue could be? Also, if you have a solution for it?



Hi Jonah @jonah.deleseleuc ,

Thanks for this plugin.

There is one query which is highly crucial to solve:

  • The Application I am currently working on requires strong ‘GDPR Compliances’ to be followed

Here is the Question: Does ‘Send file(s) to cloud’ action sends files to any place other than bubble file storage? With this action, where actually you are sending the file?

Your response is highly appreciated.