What do you think of this project template?

Hi Everyone,

I usually have a few Bubble apps that I use for testing, learning, practicing, and to improve my design skills, play with responsiveness, etc.

I was messing around with a clone of TSHEETS, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in this template? I haven’t worked much on it. But if anyone would be interested, it would give me incentive to complete it.

I’d love some feedback on this, and to hear anyone’s experiences with submitting templates to the market place, if its even worth my time? Either way, I love messing around on these side projects for such, and if it helps anyone out I’d be happy to put it out there as either a blank canvas or as a completed project.

Be kind, I’m not a designer and haven’t spend much time on this. :wink:

Check it out here:


Great design. I would definitely complete it.

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Don’t hesitate. Thats nice.


@nocodeventure @eren Thank you!