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Binance API call stopped working because it just restricted a service for US location

I use Binance API service to get the latest crypto prices. Now the API call is not working. I found out that Binance just restricted the US area, where Bubble servers reside.

It just happened today.

Here is the API error message

Binance Terms

Is there any workaround to continue using the service?

PS. Postman API call is still working as I’m not in the US.

You could set up your own hosted fastapi instance or similar outside the US using a service like (Digitalocean, OVHcloud, Kamatera, Linode… etc), and create an HTTP endpoint where you send a request from your bubble app to your hosted instance, and finally, the instance will make the request to the Binance endpoint retrieveing the data and sending it back in the HTTP response to your bubble-app request.


Thank you mate.

I have looked in those ways and found out that it costs a lot, and is too complicated.

Still seeking for simpler workarounds.

You need to find a proxy endpoint outside of the US, it will cost some money anyways.
You can try other no-code tools that will allow hosting outside of the US, backendless is one example. You don’t need to rebuild on it, just use it as a proxy endpoint that will make request to Binance.

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Thank you. I’ll study more about the proxy.

I know no code and don’t have a clue of how to do it :sweat_smile:

My suggestions should not cost more than $10-15/month. There are plenty of choices to have a self-hosted VM running an open-source tool such as mentioned, n8n, etc.

I suggest trying to use Huginn: It’s open-source, easy to use, and with many support and docs.


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Thank you.

Really appreciated. :heart: