White space on my screen


I have a large white space on the right side of my website.

Do you know what I need to change so that it is no longer the case?


Probably something wrong with your responsive settings. (fixed width & height maybe)

Please paste a screenshot of you development canvas or a link to your app in dev mode - I can have a look.

This is the link : R'Nature

for me it doesn´t look too bad.

If you want the above fold picture to be full-width - you need to set the container/ or picture to 100% width.

Where can I set to 100% width ?

Sorry, I’m new on Bubble…

At 1040px width you have two groups overlayed:

At 1039px width only you “mobile” group is shown. So check if has a fixed width or some limits in max width

I don’t understand why it’s not in full width…


because it’s “fixed”. if you’d like to make it responsive - use any other container type except “fixed”.

If you are not familiar with Bubble new responsive engine - start here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoNVJrdvQQYm8x9PXaRPiuXWa8AdJRNz6