There is white space on the right side of the page in the mobile-responsive version

I am experiencing a white space issue when inspecting my app and viewing it on the mobile version. Additionally, I notice this white space on my mobile device.

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There must be something on the page wider than the screen size.

Use browser tools to identify and fix it.


Ok will try

Can you provide alternative suggestions aside from using browser tools?

Not really no… that’s the standard way of checking for this type of thing. Why do you need an alternative?

I think using browser tools would be a bit difficult for me

Feel free to share a link to the preview of your app (or editor) here… I’m sure someone will spot the issue for you.

this is the preview link

These 4 text elements here are not responsive (i.e. they have fixed widths, which are wider than the screen)… also there’s another 4 at the top of the page as well.

Make them responsive by changing their width settings.

Thanks for helping will let you know after correcting it.

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