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Block alignment in a repeating group

Hi guys,
I’m struggling with the design of a repeating group containing multiple CTA. I have been searching but I can’t find how to manage to have my elements showing in a more organic way than a grid.

What I tend to achieve is to have all the elements following each other with the same gap space in between and then starting a new line when the first is full but with spaces adapted to the size of each boxe.

This is the actual result :

This is the setup of my repeating group :

Thanks for your help ! :grinning:

Have you tried using ‘Wrapped Horizontally’ as the scroll direction?

Yes I tried and this is what I get

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 13.45.56

Thanks for sharing @adamhholmes ! Was it an option before? I didn’t remember having seen some other option than the classic vertical or horizontal…

It’ been available for a few months now:

[New Feature] Ability to create “tag like” list with Repeating Groups - Announcements / New features - Bubble Forum