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Repeating Group Pagination

Hello !
I’m struggling with the design of a specific repeating group. There’s two things I would like to achieve :

  1. Order the repeating letter from A > Z vertically so starting with a first column A,B,C,D… and dividing the content of the all repeating group into 4 rows automatically :crazy_face:
  2. Make the space in between each block disappear knowing that there’s a repeating group with the elements (yoga, massage, meditation) inside the first initial repeating group with each alphabet letter (A, B, C)
    Would some have some expertise to share on how to make it happen?
    Thanks so much :grinning:

This what I have ATM

This is what I would like it to look like

I am FAR from a Bubble expert, so my comment may be completely pointless, But I can see where the space is coming from.

The ONLY thing I could suggest is instead of one huge RG to handle the entire alphabet, you make a bunch of little RGs, one for each letter, and position them as you want. Each RG would automatically size itself to get rid of the space you want to get rid of.

I know, that sounds horrible. But again, I am far from a Bubble expert.

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@firstfifteensoftware Thanks for your inside a least yes it will do the trick if no one comes with a better solution. Let’s see cause from my perspective it seems a tricky one…