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I am trying to create a dating site here on bubble.
I am aware i need to create a system/ feature where i can allow my users to block other users (that are there on the interactive site with them).
However, i cannot work out how to form such a feature; nor can i find a tutorial that does other than tell me how to set up a section within the database where the information following from the blocking action can be stored; because i can already do this. Therefore, i am specifically trying to seek instructions on how to form the logic of the user blocking system… the logic meaning how to form the functional feature for my users, of which is blocking. As i have previously stated, i do not require any guidance on how to construct a section in the database for the blocking information to be stored… I concretely and specifically need incremental instructions on how to form the logic to form a user blocking feature/ system… Or if not instructions for me to mirror, a link to a tutorial relative to the question(s) i have asked, including the conditions…
Thank you all… :slight_smile:

Privacy rules. Read up on privacy rules and you will understand how to set up blocking functionality, and you will also end up with a a safer/more secure application whilst doing so.
All round good.

The beautiful thing of privacy rules is that you dont need to meticulously go scouring around your application making sure that you dont show data to people who have been blocked by the user. Privacy rules are applied on the server, and area applied to all your app.

One of the problems of privacy rules is that you can grant users access to data, but you cannot revoke it. This is important. What this essentially means to you is that instead of revoking privacy access to blocked users (not possible), you need to only grant it to non-blocked users.
If your user dataType is now publicly accessible, you’ll need to set it so that no data is visible by default. Unselect the ‘view all fields’ checkbox.

After that, create a privacy rule which grants access to appropriate fields if ‘this user is not blocked by current user’ (i dont know how you set up database storage of blocking, but you said you have that figured out, so write an expression accordingly).
If there are other datatypes which you want to apply privacy blocking to, use similar logic.

Best of luck
Let me know if you have any problems

Personally what I do is add a “blocks” (list) thing to user.

Then inside a “block” you add the user thing.

When you make a workflow or search, just ensure that the user is not inside the “blocks” list.

To block, just make a workflow for the user to enter in a name (or fuzzy search) and add the requested user to the “blockee’s” “block” list… It will add them to the blocks list, and there you can manipulate the behavior.

Sorry that was no help whatsoever to me
I am requesting the logic/workflow for the button that i will make that means block this user.
I already highlighted i knew how to set a data base up.
But thanks for your time anyway .
But if you could help with logic that would be great.

If you have already set up your database, the function and logic of the button should be trivial.

How is your database setup to store blockings?
Show your dataTypes and dataFields.

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