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BLOCKSPRING Creating a block?

Hi there,

I’d like to integrate a new api to my app using blockspring. Problem is that this api isn’t already available in blockspring. So I’d like to use their “create a block” tool to integrate this api but I haven’t been successful so far.

I was wondering if any of you had already done this so far?

Thanks a lot.

Try using the Blockspring online chat… They are very helpful and know about Bubble integrations

Thanks, I tried that a few times but didn’t get any helpful answers!

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I’ve done it already.
can you describe more precisely what you tried to achieve ? or even better reproduce it the forum_app2 so it’s possible to help ?

Thanks @NicolasDap in fact I’d like to make POST API calls but I don’t know how to write it on blockspring through their “create a block” tool.

What kind of block have you created so far?

A simple POST API Call. I get helped by a developer for this. One it has been setup, its quite easy to use.
I made here a sample block (click on edit to see the code). Can you try using it in the forum_app2 so we all share & learn ?
If somebody is a developer out there and wants to help. You’re very welcome dude :slight_smile:


Here’s an example but don’t get too excited, there’s more work to do in order to parse the data and make it usable for you.
I generated the call code using Postman and their Generate code functionality.


Ok thanks, now I see the logic! I’ll try with the API I’d like and post the result if I succeed :slight_smile:

If you just want a POST, then you could use Zapier ? You can integrate an Existing API with Zapier’s Webhooks and it does quite a lot of the data manipulation for you.


Hi @georgeciobanu, thanks a lot for this example. I have a few more questions for you. Here is an example of an API call I’d like to make :

curl -i \
-H ‘Authorization:WD16NlQEKTUX5EEbFFzQPUZpQxIkKEz3’ \
-d credit=100 \
-d nb_hours=3.5 \
-d birthdate=“1991-09-09” \
-d commission=11 \
-d comm_fixed=10

Is it ok if I put the payload data in JSON?

Thanks @NigelG, I didn’t think about that to be honest. I’m gonna take a look at it right now

Nigel’s suggestion is more appropriate it seems :slight_smile:
But to answer your question, I don’t know, the best way to test is to use a tool like postman and try by looking at the documentation for the API. then you can use Postman’s Generate code functionality if needed.